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Saturday, March 11, 2006

DiVA: Digital & Video Art Fair - New York 3/10/06

This is the mega art fair weekend in NYC as everyone gloms on to the Armory show like barnacles on a whale. Went to check out DiVA for the first time on Friday night. The premise for this show is a bit odd . A couple dozen galleries are working to establish a collector-level valuation for video artworks, so they get together and rent out two floors of a hotel. To see the work, you duck in and out of bedrooms, with pieces projected over the beds, stuck in the shower stalls, etc. Every room has a different lived-in smell, and the whole scene struck me a a bit cramped and seedy.

Anyhow, here's what I liked:

video piece and prints by Alexander Reyna
Pablo's Birthday

video installation by Jongbum Choi
Walsh Gallery

lightboxes by Janieta Eyre
Christopher Cutts Gallery


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