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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ten years old

So I've had this site for ten years now. When I first put it up in the Netscapre 2.0 era, it was my crackpot idea of a band site. I thought that by tying the site contents to a wide swath of marginal, seedy and obsessive topics - moonshining, action figure collecting, cockfighting, vaginal fisting, meat cookbook anthropology - the site would pop up in searches like a weird piece of candy that would draw in oddball closet types who might get in to the stuff I was doing with music and so forth. The band is long defunct, but in retrospect the site is probably the most successful result of the whole project judging by the links and strange attention: Fox News contacted me to get a scoop on the cockfighting underground in NYC, collectors sent me bids on imaginary toys, the US Navy sent me a cease and desist threat, etc. etc. But I never really got a response on the face value of the content itself, which I still think is pretty hilarious.

Anyhow, I decided this week to noodle around with this blog server and converted my site over to a blog so maybe I'll back in the habit of using this real estate. I just moved back to NYC a couple months ago and maybe will have some projects worth reporting on this year. In the meantime, check out the haps at Monkeytown. cheers!


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