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Monday, January 14, 2008

Superamas Big 3rd Episode

Superamas Big 3rd Episode is a musical play that is very stripped down in its staging, but extremely complex in its production. The minimalistic process is very exposed: the control booth is on one side of the stage, the dressing room on the other, and, aside from two songs, the characters lip sync throughout, pacing repeatedly through two mechanically spliced and diced scenes - the men at band rehearsal and the ladies changing for dance class. The story is fleshed out with a rock anthem (mimed), a disco scene (with a girls-only battle), a light design car crash, and video vignettes that deliver the backstory (with cameos from Peter Sellers, Peter O'Toole, Jacques Derrida, Claude Wampler and Cake).

Everything is very squeaky clean, and the process is fairly nerdy, but the with much campy gossip about the characters' tawdry sex lives, and the undressing of the ladies set on infinite loop, there is enough fizz to weather the de- and re- and deconstructions. Chewy ideas cleverly guised as polite naughty fluff.

UPDATE: A video report by about Superamas Big 3rd Episode is available here:,big-3rd-episode.htm


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