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journal by Sam Zimmerman concerning new media arts in New York City, curated events at Monkeytown (the video dinner theater in Williamsburg) and his personal projects

Monday, July 03, 2006

Boredoms in NYC July 2, 2006

Went to see the Boredoms at Webster Hall last night. I saw many many shows in this venue back in the 80s when it was The Ritz. Boy have they crapped up the décor. Blech! But the sound is still fantastic, and the stage is huge, so it’s still a great room to see a show.

I last saw the Boredoms in 1994 at Threadwaxing Space, and their style then was full-bore Dada Punk. Nothing to latch on to, starting up great riffs only to drop them two or three bars later. Really great vision artistically, but very frustrating to the audience who really wanted to throw down.

Fast forward to 2006 and they’ve grown into a sound 180 degrees away from that. Now it’s long mesmerizing percussion grooves, almost as if they’ve gone hippie in their mature years. And who could blame them?