phantom limbs

journal by Sam Zimmerman concerning new media arts in New York City, curated events at Monkeytown (the video dinner theater in Williamsburg) and his personal projects

Sunday, April 01, 2007


The Monkey Town revival/remix of Bacchanale (1970, dir. John and Lem Amero) was included in the New York Underground Film Festival:

Bacchanale is an inspired adult arthouse film from the tail end of the "grindhouse" era. I discovered the film four years ago while exploring the community of self-appointed librarians of lost exploitation and porn films. Bacchanale is currently not available commercially - in fact we are working to track down any surviving prints.

This remix project involved cutting the original film into its individual scenes which were passed out to 50 artists to create entirely new audio for the visuals in their clip. The clips were reassmbled back into the feature length film, which debuted at Monkey Town in December 2006.

At the NYUFF screening were participating artists Luke Dubois, Bradley Eros, Nick Hallett and Zach Layton. Nick has been corresponding with John Amero, who was unable to attend but gave his approval to our reappropriation of his film.

Thanks to Mo Johnson and everyone at NYUFF!