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journal by Sam Zimmerman concerning new media arts in New York City, curated events at Monkeytown (the video dinner theater in Williamsburg) and his personal projects

Sunday, June 10, 2007

3rd Monkey Town Semiennial

At Monkey Town we offer a twice-yearly video art program - a semiennial - of the high water marks, the standouts, the stuff that made an impression. The immersive video equivalent of "come hang out a my place and listen to some records."

The curatorial criteria is no more complicated than this is the best new stuff we've seen. We've continue to be turned on to great work and we're just itching to pass it along. But we can offer up a few rough rules for what appeals to us:

video that loves its content more than its technology
video that doesn't mistake a technique for an idea
video that is in conversation with contemporary art as a whole
video that doesn't take itself too seriously
video that sells itself
video that rocks la casa

The next installment is June 15 and 16, seatings at 7:30 and 10:00 both nights. Featured artists include:
Josh Atlas
Lew Baldwin
Michael Bell-Smith & Aa
Josephin Böttger
John Michael Boling
Raul Vincent Enriquez
Wesley Heiss
Daniel Joseph
Kent Lambert
Ellen Lake
Mary Magsamen & Stephen Hillerbrand
Jillian McDonald
Marisa Olson
Open Arms
Zachariah Rockhill
Kelly Sears
Daveed Shwartz
Ray Sweeten
Skye Thorstenson & Xiu Xiu
Ryan Trecartin
Jemima Wyman

Curated by Montgomery Knott, Nick Hallett, Sam Zimmerman, and Christopher Borkowski, with Andrea Grover, Shoshana Brand and Don Carroll

Special thanks to:
Perpetual Art Machine
Venturous Vanguard Video Festival
Jack The Pelican Presents
Aurora Picture Show

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bacchanale in San Francisco

Bacchanale screened at ATA in San Francisco on May 11, 2007 as a selection in the Mission Creek Music/Film Festival: