Asshole Moi?
SUPER ACTION capers happen in reality. The antics on the menswear Paris and Milan catwalks feature explosive cocktails of animation colourways and print.

ACTION DADDY sets the pace with with sporty TEAM ACTION DADDY athletic gear as worn by the group on the LUBRICATED AMMO TOUR.

$15 hockey Ts, Flying Pig insignia on the chest, TEAM ACTION DADDY emblem on the shoulders. One size fits most. Suitable for the most brutal acts of self-indulgence as well as tender locker room encounters.

Play it safe with Knee Pads - $40
and Wrist Guards - $35

Passion or Product?
Who cares - hit it!
At it's most extreme, wearers unwittingly become the new super heros. As an alternative to the essential, bare, toned chest, designers opted for their own dose of muscle mania. Popeye transformations include trompe l'oille muscles, beefed up formal suits, and the built in abs and pecs of ACTION DADDY's foam, foil, fur and latex jackets.

FUR AND FOIL models for her - $110
FOAM AND LATEX models for him - $95
SOLAR FORCE 200 watt exciter for couples - $70

Tight makes Right!

Love me! Fear Me! OBEY!
And just to make doubly sure that no-one kicks sand in your face, why not also wear a latex BRAIN AMPLIFIER. Stretched tautly over your own curly cerebral folds, ACTION DADDY has spectacularly updated the tired logo cap concept. Bend others to your will with the magnified electrical force of your brain! Comes with protective eyewear stress tested to withstand accidental electrical discharge to the face. Choose from 'Kill Kill', 'Holy Cow' or 'Fist of God' thought patterns. Ah decisons, decisions.

$240 made to order. Send hat size and approximate IQ.

All order information strictly confidential.

Bio-Psycheldic Moods for Active Couples


ACTION DADDY reinvents Plato's cave in kaledescopic audio carnality. Claw your way back to the womb in 8 easy lessons:
  • Trash KING
  • Jelly Eye
  • Hysterioso!
  • Black Latex in the Hour of the Fip
  • Come Together
  • Orgone
  • Opium Fuck Groove
  • Supersugarsuckers

    MUNDO CARNE! CD - $10

  • Slip it in!

    Fingers of Fury!
    Can't live out your super hero dreams in the flesh? Need a surrogate? Join thousands worldwide living out strange closet dreams with collectable ACTION DADDY action figures. Oh, and did we mention that some people are paying crazy money for these worthless plastic toys? Go figure.

    Our faves include 7 FOOT MOFO ROBOT, and RUBBER LADY DJ. Hey, check out the infinite accessory sets to really get those hormones carbonating.

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    Items manufactured by Hasbro in England and by Bandai, Tomy, Popy and Marmut in Japan. Prices vary with collectors market.


    Self comment ?
    Scribble what you want on a napkin and send cash, check or money order payable to:

    Mojo Jelly Media, ltd. PO BOX 130122 Chinatown Station New York, NY 10013

    Or throw out your barter offer! Currently accepting hunting trophies, 8 track tapes, gold teeth, original Polaroid snapshot pornography.