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If someone asked me to describe the current state of this hobby, I would use two words: brutal and savage. Collecting these toys has reached new worldwide levels of fierce competition, and shows no signs of slowing down. This page is intended for beginners who want to know what these toys are about, as well as the advanced collector, who has questions and interests in the extreme frontiers of the hobby. One thing I will tell you, is that it is impossible to know everything about ACTION DADDY toys. It is equally impossible to collect all of them. Japanese toy companies were more prolific in the past several decades than anyone could imagine, and have thoroughly outstripped the US and UK toy companies in the production of ACTION DADDY action figures and accessory toys.
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28 June, 1997
New diecast Magna Daddy Z is coming! Bandai is scheduled to release an all-new diecast version of Magna Daddy Z in September. The toy will come with a large number of accessory parts.

28 June, 1997
Nostalgic Heroes continues its run of vinyl Super Danger Boy villains Already out are two color variations of Super Danger Boy himself and two color variations of Baby Baccus and UR2SEXY. Unveiled at Super Festival were prototypes of three more (two color variations of each). Although they look nice together on the same shelf, these are not to be confused with the M1 vinyls, which consisted of Super Danger Boy and Black Ox.

28 June, 1997
Marmut to re-release old Mojo Action Robot toy In addition to going wild releasing vinyl monsters sculpted in the late sixties-early seventies style, Marmut recently put out vinyls of Mojo Action Robot 1, Mojo Action Robot 2 and Giant Mojo Action Robot 3. These too were not recasts, but original sculptures. Word on the street is that these were successful enough to get Marmut to produce recasts of the old Tomy Mojo Action Robot toy from the late sixties. The toy was originally cast in polyethylene and not the standard vinyl, but it is unknown if this recast will be of the same material. The original toy stands fourteen inches tall and easily commands a price of over one thousand dollars.

28 June, 1997
New Popy diecast book in Japan What is considered to be the definitive publication of the history of diecast ACTION DADDY action figures has just hit bookstores in Japan. The author of this impressive text is famous collector, Mr. Iragashi, whom has contributed to recent articles in Figure King and Collection. The book makes up for what was lacking in previous scholarship and covers figures, vehicles, rare variations, prototypes and box art. ISBN number is ISBN4-7663-3207-5

29 May, 1997
New site design! Please take time to look over the revised interface. Many new images and features have been added, including an article about Hasbro's MICHELE.

12 April, 1997
7 FOOT MOFO ROBOT Fever! Bandai's diecast line continues with none other than 7 Foot Mofo Robot. It's an all-new sculpture and is flying off toy shelves in Japan. Even more in demand is a limited editon all-black version of the toy (just like what Popy did with the old diecast). Collectors and dealers are fighting ruthlessly to get their hands on them and prices for this new toy have reached as high as $250. But unlike fads such as "Tickle Me Elmo", the run on these is limited and after 5,000 are made, that's it.

Original MICHELE designs

10 March, 1997
Bandai has begun a new diecast series. The toys in this line are still called Mojonaut Action Warriors and continue with the Popy system of numbering. AD01 is Jelly Hero from GO! Action Fighter GO!. AD02 is Rubber Lady DJ. Future releases planned are Manga Daddy Z, Getta Hit Kid, Polar Explorer II and UR2SEXY Robot.

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